Sheetmetal Roofing
Sheetmetal roofing is the choice of many architects and designers, whether for a traditional or a contemporary home. Standing seam sheetmetal roofing is energy efficient and easy to maintain. At Tile Roofs of Texas, we custom manufacture every sheetmetal roof in our own shop, to our own exacting standards. A wide variety of colors and materials are available including copper, zinc, lead- coated copper and zinc-coated copper to the more traditional galvanized and pre-painted materials. Please see our gallery for examples of this roofing option.
Standing seam metal roof Copper standing seam roof Copper cupola
Handmade copper shingles Copper gazebo before Copper gazebo after
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Sheetmetal Roofing – what are the advantages?
In today’s “green” environment, sheetmetal roofs are a top choice. They can be highly reflective to aid against heat gain in the attic and have some of the highest energy ratings of any roof materials.
Why are the flashing and underlayment so important?
Think of flashing and underlayment as the roof’s foundation. Whether the roof is slate, Spanish clay tile, or sheetmetal, the flashing and underlayment are the keys to the longevity of your roofing system. Because they are generally found in the areas that receive the largest amounts of water, it is very important that these materials be of the highest quality and that the installation be done correctly.