Roof Repairs and Service
In addition to designing and installing new clay tile, slate and sheetmetal roofs, Tile Roofs of Texas is proud to offer a full spectrum of repair and maintenance services. We are also experts in finding and repairing troublesome leaks in patio flat deck areas. See our gallery to see samples of our repair work. Whether it is to replace a few clay tiles, re-roof a home, or to replace the flashing, underlayment and fastening details, Tile Roofs of Texas can do it. We can also offer annual or semi-annual inspections and roof cleaning.

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Valley of roof with improper drainage Repaired valley to prevent water backing up
Before After
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What type of roof needs the least amount of maintenance?
All roofs need maintenance. If properly maintained, your roof can protect your home for a lifetime and even longer. Underlayment and flashing are the keys to longevity of your tile or slate roof. These are generally the areas where most of the water is channeled off the roof. It is imperative that these products and installations are correct.
What is the best preventative maintenance for my roof?
We recommend getting your gutters and roof cleaned at least two times a year to remove roof granule/dirt build and falling leaves that can clog your gutters. Tile Roofs of Texas offers annual inspections.