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Because we import clay tile and slate from around the world and keep a good supply of both in reserves, Tile Roofs of Texas is a valuable resource for architects, designers, and other roofing companies looking for specific tile colors and color palettes. Additionally, we offer a distinguished but limited selection of antique pottery including olive jars acquired during our buying trips to Spain. For pricing information or to inquire about our selection of tiles and pottery, please email or call 713.733.4555.
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Do you sell clay tiles?
Yes, we have a wide variety in our yard from various colors and sizes. If we do not have the exact piece of tile you are looking for, we can match something similar, paint it, or order it if an immense amount is needed.

Where do your antique pots come from?
The antique pottery is bought from Spain. The pots are beautiful for outdoor décor, whether you have them in the garden, used as a planter on a patio, or even interior decoration.

Do you have slate available?
Yes, in our yard we have a range of colors, sizes and thickness.