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The roof is one of the most prominent visual elements of a home. It can set the tone by which the rest of the home is judged. The roof is also the prime protector from the elements. If properly installed with quality materials, a tile roof can protect your home for a lifetime – and even longer.

Tile Roofs of Texas was established in 1994 when Robert Coreale, having worked in the construction business since his teens, recognized the need for high-quality installers of clay tile, slate, and sheetmetal roofing. In 1999 the investment was made to open an in-house sheetmetal shop to accommodate the need for custom flashings and other items necessary for proper roof installation as required by high-end residential projects. By not having to rely on outside sources for any custom sheetmetal needs, it is easier to keep all jobs on schedule.

From humble beginnings, the business has grown. Today, Tile Roofs of Texas employs a fully staffed office, an in-house sheetmetal shop and multiple crews that are highly experienced in roofing and sheetmetal installation. Even with such growth, Robert continues with a hands-on management approach, visiting job sites and meeting with builders and homeowners daily.

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Why are we better?
Since opening our doors in 1994, Tile Roofs of Texas has continually strived to be the best at what we do. Our experienced installers, foreman and members of the office staff work as a team to complete projects as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Upon completion, we follow up to make sure every project has met or exceeded expectations. Should a problem arise in the future, our full time office staff will be available to handle it quickly and professionally.

Do you make roof repairs? What about maintenance?
Yes, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of roof repair and maintenance services. We can work on any type of roof including clay tile, slate, sheet metal, flat roof areas, patio decks and gutters. Additionally, we can set our clients up with an annual or semi-annual roof inspections and roof and gutter cleaning.